M.Graham Watercolor’s

I love M.Graham Watercolor paints because they stay wet forever, and provide great washes and vibrant colors. This paint does contain honey so be careful when painting outside, bees love this stuff O_O

I also use M.Graham Gouache when adding details over my watercolor.

Arches 140 lb.jpg

Arches 140 lb Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

Out of all the papers I’ve tried nothing beats Arches Hot Pressed. It’s on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.

As an illustrator, you can get away with using cheap paints, and brushes but cheap paper will totally ruin your painting experience and your life.

Noodlers Waterproof pens.jpg

Noodler’s Waterproof Ink

After trying all kinds of inks I finally found one that works brilliantly. I use Noodler’s Black Waterproof Ink for all my inking needs may that be filling my fountain pen or loading up a brush.


Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

This is my go-to pen for inking illustrations as well as sketching. It comes with a reusable cartridge which I fill with Noodler’s waterproof ink.

Pentel Brush.jpg

Pentel Brush Pen

This pen is great for creating dynamic brush stroke lines that vary depending on the pressure you use.

Series 7.jpg

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable

I use these bad boys for inking as well as painting. They maintain a super precise tip for years unlike cheaper brushes that fall apart and become blunt after constant painting. (also Bill Watterson used them for Calvin and Hobbes so that’s a plus too)

Da vinci.jpg

Da Vinci Russian Blue Squirrel

These will cost you an arm and probably one of your legs, but there’s no better brush for laying down watercolor and gouache washes in my humble opinion.

White Mask.jpg

Incredible White Masking Fluid

It took me almost 100 years to find a masking fluid that I liked and this one is indeed “incredible”, as long as you avoid tipping over the bottle it works great! To apply the Masking Fluid I use a Pro Art Ruling Pen.

DO NOT USE A GOOD BRUSH WITH THIS STUFF it will destroy it in a heartbeat


Ipad Pro.jpg

Ipad Pro 12.9 + Apple Pencil

The thing I love about the Ipad Pro is its portability and power. Combine this device with the Apple Pencil + Procreate and you have a compact art studio at your finger tips!

I’ve always been a PC/Android fan but Apple really impressed me with the Ipad Pro!


Procreate App

This is the most powerful and incredible drawing app I have ever used on the Ipad and can’t recommend it enough! I use this app for all my digital illustration.

Since I am rather lazy and don’t like tracing I actually use the Ipad Pro and Procreate when I want to easily transfer an image on to watercolor paper. I simply sketch everything out in Procreate, lower the opacity of my drawing, and print it out on the watercolor paper.